Light Touch is an adaptive work of sculpture and music, part of an installation consisting of different works capable of complementing each other through interaction with the public and can also be made to suit environmental conditions. These works constitute a study on the relations among form, colour and sound. 

Light Touch, a study on the white colour, is based on the innovative Planephones® technology invented by composer Michelangelo Lupone and perfected by Centro Ricerche Musicali - CRM in Rome. Planephones® are resonant systems consisting of panels of various materials – wood, copper, iron, glass – which diffuse the sound with characteristics that depend on the structure of the material, on the geometry of the design, on the alignment and curvature of the surfaces, on the plastic volumes. The geometry of the form and materials chosen for Light Touch permit the design of distinct and characterized visual and acoustic spaces. The characteristics of the form and of material makes it possible to distinguish the expressive content of the work and to obtain, in viewing and listening to the whole, a constructive dialectic, a polyphony of distinct and coherent sounds capable of offering the visitor to recognize sound trajectories and localizations. The flexibility of the sound irradiation enables the work to modulate its musical expression depending on: presence, position and movement of the public and tactile actions on the structure.